In the olden days, the youth would be crowned with voluminous hair and hair loss would start with growing age. The scenario has undergone a drastic change now and even the youth has started encountering this trouble. Why is it so? The improper eating habits, overburden of work and the use of harmful chemical-based hair products account for most of these problems. If you are losing 10 to 15 hair strands a day, just imagine how many days are left before you will have to run into the bald fashion. Don’t worry! There are some natural techniques that you can follow for handling problems of hair loss effectively.

  •  Scalp massage 
This is one of the oldest therapies for treating all sorts of hair problems. Massage improves the blood circulation through the scalp which thereby fuels hair growth. Heating the oil before giving your scalp a soothing massage is quite beneficial. Massage for about 15-20 minutes by applying oil to the roots of hair and to the scalp. Gently rub from the front to the back of your scalp with your fingertips. Repeat this treatment before every wash for better results. This tends to activate the hair follicles. The oils used for massage can be combined with some drops of lavender for even better and more refreshing results.

  • Apply natural juices 
There are some natural ingredients that have the tendency to boost hair growth and to prevent the loss of hair. Applying garlic juice, ginger juice or onion juice to the scalp and keeping it overnight is tested to yield impressive results. Thorough wash in the morning will give naturally smooth and shining hair and loss of hair can be controlled with regular usage.

  • Proper oiling before wash 
Depending upon the type of hair, you can choose the oil that best suits you.
For dry hair, olive oil is good. For oily hair, coconut oil is helpful and for normal hair, any type of oil including canola, olive and coconut oil can be used. If your hair has dandruff, you can even add some drops of lemon to this heated oil. Although this oil can be applied an hour or two before getting hair wash, keeping it overnight can yield much better results.

  • Apply antioxidants 
Green tea is one of the most effective antioxidants that can help control hair loss considerably. Prepare a warm mixture by dipping two bags of green tea in one cup of water. This warm mixture can be applied directly to the scalp and left for an hour. Thereafter, hair can be washed with some mild shampoo.

  • Eat Healthy
The shift of eating culture to the western one has led to adverse effects on men and women. The problems vary in both the genders. Improper diet boosts the production of testosterone levels which in turn leads to baldness. In women, there may be some problem with their gastrointestinal tract. There are usually absorption problems in the organs of women. Zinc, protein, essential vitamins and various other elements are usually less absorbed by the parts of womens bodies. This leads to lightening of hair on scalp. So, proper diet is quite essential for maintaining healthy hair. Pulses play a great role in providing nutrition for healthy hair.

  • Meditation
The stress and strain that every working individual is taking these days is quite responsible for hair loss problems. Meditation is one of the strongest tools to relax and ease the mental pressure that piles up due to the work and other problems. It has been observed that people who are involved in meditation tend to have 10 percent lesser hair fall than others that dont.


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