Nupur Kanoi at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter Festive 2013 collection started off with models in deep brick red, choc browns, to plums and purples. Outfits ranged from pants with matching tops and gowns with motif bodices. The whole collection was artfully put together with each garment intertwined with the previous one. Can see that these outfits will be popular and sought after. Our favourite was sheer long gown with matching pants.

Payal Khandwala collection at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter Festive 2013 had strong colours of rust, royal purple, maroon, electric blue, yellow, white, brown and black. As with previous collection it had very Zen Japanese like feel. You could almost feel yourself go into a chant. Did not feel that the outfits are functional for day to day wear apart from a few outfits and we were not too keen on the belts. 


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